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  • Facts of dust explosion occurs in bucket elevator

    Bucket elevator widely used in various industries such as food industry, agricultural production and other industrial. Bucket elevator handling material in high speed which creates a large pressure of air, and this pressure also may promote the explosion of dust. When the material is handling out to the outlet, this dust might be follows up the material and blown out from the machine.

    Although the design of bucket elevator machine is enclose type, but the joined casing of this machine is not too tight. Thus, the leakage of dust from this bucket elevator cannot be prevented. Besides that, the air contain inside the casing is enough to produce a huge pressure to the machine, and if there is a fire, it can generate dust explosions. There are other reasons that relevance to support this fact;

    (1)   The dust particle flow contains metallic impurities, it may collide and rub with the bucket in the process of the flowing, this will create spark.

    (2)   The belt deviation occurs and rubs with casing which creates friction that may produce spark. So it is better to use the chain bucket elevator.

    (3)   The buckets or screw may fall off and it can produces sparks when rub with other components.

    (4)   Sometimes the bearing overheats or belt skid for a long period, it can achieve ignition point of dust explosion.

    (5)   The open flame enters, igniting dust explosion etc.

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